Press Release

Immediate Steps For Firms to Take Regarding TD Ameritrade Transition to Charles Schwab & CO, Inc.

DENVER, CO – September 1, 2023 - The Colorado Division of Securities (“Division”) is issuing this Adviser Alert to provide regulatory guidance to investment advisers who utilized TD Ameritrade (TDA) to custody clients’ assets. The conversion of TDA accounts to Charles Schwab & CO., Inc. (SCH) is scheduled to be completed by September 5, 2023, at which time TD Ameritrade will cease to exist. Advisers who utilized TDA as their custodian need to decide immediately on whether to convert accounts to SCH or select an alternate custodian.

Adviser Alert – Inverse and Leveraged ETFs

The Colorado Division of Securities’ (“Division”) is issuing this Adviser Alert to bring attention to the risks of inverse and leveraged ETFs and the short-term and volatile nature of these complex products. 

Coloradan Daniel Todd Levine Arrested for Securities Fraud and Forgery

DENVER, CO – April 12, 2023  - Daniel Todd Levine was indicted on April 6, 2023 on 8 counts of securities fraud and 11 counts of forgery of check or commercial instruments. An arrest warrant was issued from the Denver District Court and Levine was arrested by Littleton law enforcement on April 12, 2023.

Alert - New Colorado Securities Rules Effective Today

March 30, 2023 --  The Colorado Division of Securities (“Division”) is providing notice that on March 30, 2023, new rules adopted by the Securities Commissioner have become effective. The Colorado Securities Act and rules can be found on the Division’s website at Statutes and Rules. The Statement and Basis of Purpose and a redlined copy of the rules can be found on the Division's website at Rule Making Notices and Opinions.

Colorado Division of Securities Joins $22.5 Million Multistate Securities Settlement Against Crypto Platform Nexo Capital

March 17, 2023 --  The Colorado Division of Securities has issued a consent order against Nexo Capital Inc. (Nexo), a Cayman Islands-based corporation that provides cryptocurrency-related financial services. The Division’s action is part of a nationwide settlement of alleged securities law violations by Nexo in connection with its Earn Interest Product (EIP) accounts. Nexo’s EIP promised to pay investors interest on cryptocurrency deposited into a Nexo “crypto interest account.”