Careers with the Division

Have you considered a career as a state securities regulator? The Division hires investigators, examiners, auditors (CPA), administrative support and supervisors. We list openings here.


Division examiners process applications of firms and professionals who apply to be licensed. They also examine licensed firms by reviewing their books and records to ensure they comply with the Colorado security rules and statutes. Exams may include onsite visits to firms. Examiners assist with settlement negotiations with licensees. Additionally, they interact with licensees by answering questions, pointing out compliance deficiencies and issuing regulatory guidance. The Division trains examiners in state securities regulation, though background in the securities industry can be helpful. (Closed on April 8, 2024. Additional positions will be posted in the near future.)



Division investigators investigate securities fraud for administrative, civil or criminal prosecution. They work with auditors and gather evidence, interview witnesses, identify complex frauds and compile the facts in a clearly written narrative. Investigators also work with attorneys to assist with settlements, litigation and any post-conviction appeal processes. They must testify at grand juries and trials and clearly explain their work to attorneys, judges and juries. (Closed on March 8, 2024. Additional positions will be posted in the near future.)


Please email dora_SecuritiesWebsite@state.co.us with additional questions.